Spring will be here before we know it, and it is that time of year again for Spring Cleaning. The scent of fresh lavender is in the air. The flowers are starting to be in full bloom. The sun is shining, and the weather is warm, yet your house is stale and dirty. It is time to grab your cleaning supplies and make your home as fresh as your flower garden.


Before starting a proper cleaning Spring deep clean, you need to check your inventory to ensure you are equipped with the essential cleaning supplies. Ensure that you have a backup if you have any supplies running low. You do not want to be in the middle of cleaning and have to stop to go to the store for more. Everyone will have different cleaning supplies, but make sure you have a duster, gloves, paper towels, mop, bucket, broom, and dustpan. You will need more than listed; this is just something to get you started.

Open Your Windows

Since you will be cleaning in a closed space, make sure that you open your windows to air out any fumes that might linger while cleaning. Opening the windows will allow you to enjoy the nice weather and air out your house of any unwanted stale fragrances. It will make the home feel clean and fresh with a nice gentle breeze.

Organize and Clean Clutter

Make sure that you do a pre-clean sweep of the rooms. You want to have the rooms ready to be cleaned. That means removing any clutter from the rooms. So put your laundry in the baskets, the make-up in the drawers, and the toothbrushes in their holders. Check for any old mail or magazines that you can toss out. When you finish with the tidying, it’s time for the cleaning to begin!

Work from Top to Bottom

When you clean, make sure that you start from the top and work your way to the bottom. When you are dusting, for example. You would not want to double your workload. The dust from the top will settle on the lowest point possible, the floor, the last place you should clean.

Where to Start

If you have a lot of laundry to do, put a load in and continue switching loads from the washer and dryer as you go. You also might want to strip your bedding first since that takes a while to wash and dry.

Read your chemical thoroughly, and give it the proper amount of time it needs to perform its job correctly. After that, you will want to start with the most time-consuming rooms, the bathrooms, and the kitchen. The bathroom alone can take anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes.

Clean Room by Room

There is a debate whether to clean task-by-task or room-by-room. When you begin a deep clean, you will want to do it room by room. You will want to make sure that you create a checklist or download one. A list will ensure that you clean everything. Each room will take different amounts of time. If you do each room task by task, you may never complete the entire room. Another idea would be to clean by room type. For example, if you start cleaning a bedroom, start with the next bedroom, and continue until done with all the bedrooms.

Kitchen Hot-Spots

Cleaning your kitchen does not have to be scary, but it could be time-consuming if you do not clean it regularly. The kitchen deep-clean you will make to make sure that you clean the cabinets, dishwasher, fridge, microwave, oven, and trashcans. There are many more areas that you will want to clean also, but these are the most time consuming and overlooked areas.


If you like a good night’s sleep, it all depends on your mattress. Keeping it clean is a significant factor in a clean and healthier sleep: Mattresses collect dust, dead skin cells, dirt, and more. Cleaning a mattress is easy and can leave you feeling healthier, and it will extend the life of your mattress, making it worth your investment.

Ensure Fire Safety

You want your family to stay safe if a fire ever breaks out; that is why you should check your fire and carbon monoxide detectors. You will want to make sure that they have fresh or working batteries.

You will also want to make sure that you clean the lent from your dyer. You empty the lint from the traps before or after each load, but you will also have the dryer vent to clean excess lint buildup.

Establish New Cleaning Habits

Let’s face it; not everyone has the time or willpower to keep a clean house 24/7. If you set a routine cleaning checklist, you will be on track to forming a new habit, and you will have a cleaner house than before. This will make the next deep cleaning that much more simple and less time-consuming. The routine does not have to be grand; simply start by starting a load of laundry each day and putting it away after they are dried. If you are the last one out of bed, you could make the bed before your head to work. The small little habits will be well worth it in the long run.

Your house is not clean and ready to go for a fresh Spring and a fun-filled Summer. If you remember these easy 10 Helpful Hints for a Fresh Deep Spring Cleaning, your house will be off to a great start, and you will not have to spend all your free time cleaning. Your main time will be spent cleaning up all the clutter that just gets thrown