Working out doesn’t have to require a gym membership or a bunch of fancy, expensive equipment – it can be as easy as having just a few things in your home to make the perfect workout space! This affordable equipment is usually inexpensive and perfect for working out at home, allowing you to get healthy and feel good all while being in the comfort of your own home!


Exercise Bands

Exercise bands are great for working out your full body. They’re easy to use and the possibilities with them are endless! They can help strengthen your bones, build muscle, and they’re Inexpensive.

Handheld Weights

Handheld weights are perfect for building arm muscle and definition! Try grabbing a set that you find light and one you find heavy to get some easy and challenging workouts in!

Yoga Mats

Yoga is an easy way to build endurance, flexibility, and strength. It can also be a great way to meditate and clear your mind! Yoga mats can be found just about anywhere and can be relatively inexpensive. they’re also easily stored and can be taken with you on the go!

Jump Rope

Jumping rope is a great way to work on cardio without running!  It can also improve your coordination and strengthen your muscles. Jump ropes are also small enough to travel with and can be extremely inexpensive!

Foam Roller

Adding a foam roller before or after a workout can have amazing benefits. Using a foam roller can improve range of motion, relieve muscle pains, and help you to relax.

Stability Ball

Stability balls can be great for strengthening muscles, improving balance, and improving flexibility! They’re also multipurposed and can be used in an office space as a chair!


Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey or an experienced athlete, working out at home is easy with some of these inexpensive at home gym tools – keeping you healthy, happy, and fit all while in the comfort of your own home!