Welcome to the Miller Family Homes Friends & Family Model Home Furniture Auction!

The Auction Has ended! Thank you for  your bids! You’ll be notified by email if you’re a winner.

Important Details To Remember:

  • You will have until 5:00pm on March 19th to pay for items you’ve won at the Miller Family Homes office with either cash or money order. Our office is located here. After paying, you’ll be given information regarding where you need to pick up your item. You will have until 5:00pm on March 22nd to pick up your item.
  • Please note that when you go to pick up your item, it may be a bit of a scavenger hunt. It’s a good idea to download, save or bookmark the images/pages on this website of items you bid on, so that you know what you’re looking for at time of pick up as most likely these items aren’t organized and there may be some digging involved.
  • We’re using the honor system here! It is important to please make sure you take only the items you’ve won as someone may have won another item that is there. If you are curious if you can have an item you may not have noticed before, please check with the office before taking it. All friends and family must be accompanied by a Miller Family Homes employee when picking up their items.
  • Some items may be slightly dinged, have blemishes and/or be very dusty and need a good scrubbing! There is the possibility that some items may even be damaged or broken. Some things have been in our model home garages for years and/or moved multiple times so the quality and cleanliness cannot be guaranteed. No returns will be issued if an item is broken or damaged beyond use.
  • Any items not picked up by March 22nd will forfeit the auction unless previously discussed otherwise.
  • Questions can be directed to Marketing@millerfamilyhomes.com.

 As a bonus, be sure to check out our “Freebie” boxes that have text indicating that the items within them are “Free to Take” at our pickup locations! You’re welcome to take anything from these boxes that may contain everything from books, to coffee mugs, cups and various other random items!

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