Discover how buying or building a new home with Miller Family Homes will help you beat the heat this summer, and beyond!

Welcome to Kansas the land of endless summers, winds strong enough to knock you over without cooling you off, and humidity so high you would swear you were in a rainforest! Despite all of that, for those of us native to this area, we still love it and wouldn’t dream of living anywhere else. And if you’re a transplant questioning why you moved here – don’t, there are ways around the weather and so much to love about sunflower state. So why not embrace this gorgeous, sprawling land of unrivaled sunsets that we call home even more by buying a home built by Miller Family Homes? Why? Because our homes are built to help you beat the heat! (And our lovely, ever-changing weather all year round!)

“How do homes built by Miller Family Homes beat the heat?” you may be thinking. Our one-of-a-kind building techniques coupled with the systems we put in the homes allow us to build more energy-efficient, heat-beating homes.

Miller Family Homes HVAC System with Sealed Ductwork VisibleLet’s start with the HVAC system. From the duct work to the components installed, each part plays an important role in keeping the homes we build at the perfect temperature all year round.

  • The air conditioner unit is a Trane® 13+ SEER and is sized based on the square footage of each home, not to mention placed thoughtfully in a location that receives as little direct sunlight as possible. This intentional placement allows the unit to run more efficiently without having to work as hard.
  • The furnace is a Trane® 92% AFUE energy-efficient blower furnace that meets the necessary qualifications to be rated as an ENERGY STAR® South system and uses more energy than it wastes. According to the Trane® website, for every dollar you spend heating your home, 92 cents is converted into heat. Learn more about this furnace here.
  • Our system includes a unique device called an Aprilair Ventilation Control System. This device helps reduce airborne pollutants. The EPA estimates that homes with this device contain five times less polluted air than air outside the home. This system also helps control the humidity in your home, reduce moisture problems, and diminish odors from cooking and pets. You can learn more about this nifty device here.
  • Our system has a huge air filter, a 5” MERV 8 Media Air filter to be exact. This large filter traps allergens, pet dander, bacteria, and other particles as small as three microns. For most homes and residential uses, you won’t find a bigger filter.
  • The sealed duct work that our system includes helps you save energy, thereby saving you money! How? Typical ductwork leaks heated or cooled air into all the spaces that the ductwork runs – which typically is between walls, under floors, etc. – not anywhere that you actually enjoy your home. Sealed ducts solve this problem by keeping the air within the duct until it gets to you through a vent. Ask a New Home Specialist to view our duct work and see the difference for yourself!
  • The system is controlled by you, the homeowner, with our Honeywell® Wi-Fi Thermostat. Looking for smart tech in a home – here you go! Control your system from anywhere with your computer, smartphone or tablet. You can learn more about this smart thermostat here.

Ready for the cherry on top? It’s not just the HVAC system that helps keep your home cool – the way we build makes a difference too.

  • Our homes include “energy heel trusses”. These trusses are built in a special way that provides better insulation and ventilation, thereby saving you money on your utility bills! Want to learn more about these trusses? Watch this video or visit this website. Visible Description of Energy Heel Trusses
  • The windows we put in our homes even help you beat the heat! How? We use Pella® 250 Series windows to help keep cool air in and heat out. Did we mention that they include a limited lifetime warranty? Learn more about the windows in our homes here.
  • As a bonus, with our dual-zoned systems in most homes, you don’t have to worry about a basement that’s too cold or a second floor that’s too hot – each floor has its own thermostat to ensure that it is the perfect temperature. No more carrying that coat to the basement to watch a movie in the middle of summer!

Clear Creek Community Pool - Just Renovated in 2022!And if the home itself isn’t enough to cool you off, maybe a dip in the community pool will! Two of our communities have pools in the amenity package. Go for a swim, relax, have some fun and socialize with your neighbors! Interested? Click to learn more about the Clear Creek and Southern Ridge communities, both of which have community pools!

So, what are you waiting for? Buy a home built by Miller Family Homes and beat the heat this summer! Or build your dream home and beat the heat next summer!