7 Home Décor Styles to Fall in Love with This October

7 Home Décor Styles to Fall in Love with This October

Fall is one of our favorite seasons! The leaves begin to change, temperatures cool down, the holiday season is around the corner and it’s a perfect time to decorate your home too.

Here are our 7 favorite home styles to fall in love with this October:

1. Black & White – Take a classic spin on your decorations with black and white pumpkins, chalkboards, candles, lanterns and furniture. To finish your look, find some white twinkle lights, a Casper ghost light and some black bat cutouts. Add a splash of gold to make things pop!

2. Deep & Dark Tones – Not into Halloween decorations? These deep, dark tones fit perfectly with mid-morning condensation on the grass, fall jackets, pumpkin spice and everything nice! Find some decorations that fit the fall mood including deep green foliage pieces, maybe a blue circle rug and even a used rocker chair that you can upholster.

3. Bright with Pop of Color – Bright rooms during the fall are beautiful! Supplement natural-lit rooms with white layers and a pop of color. Will you choose fall colors or your favorite color?

4. Neutral & Natural – Showcase a bit of minimalism with a Scandinavian style with neutral and natural decor. This is a clean look that’s in style year-round.

5. Fun Homemade Decor – Find your inner youth and bring your home to life with some homemade decorations! Carved or painted pumpkins, paper or felt bats, hand-painted welcome signs and more!

6. Earthy Tones & Colors – Greens, oranges, yellows and reds, utilize some florals, woods and other earthy tones for a quaint fall style!

7. Deep Warm Tones – Browns, reds, purples! Deep warm colors make for the coziest decorations. Throw pillows, blankets, accent chairs and poster prints will bring your autumn style to life!

Design Inspiration on Pinterest

Design Inspiration on Pinterest

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