Incentives to Help You Get a Fresh Start in 2021

Incentives to Help You Get a Fresh Start in 2021

Have you thought of purchasing a new home? Its hard to believe that with a pandemic going on, home sales have continually been on the rise for months and interest rates are hitting record lows. It seems like now is a better time to purchase than ever.

Combining that with the fact that you’ve probably been pent up in your current home much more this year than in past years, you might be painfully realizing all that your home lacks in “the new normal”. With the combination of working from home, schooling from home, having virtual meetings from home, partaking in more family meals together, maybe you have a new little one on the way, the need for a private space, or the desire for your own backyard, the list can go on and on. It is understandable that you may be seeking a change of scenery.

With all these considerations, what’s keeping you from purchasing a home if you’ve been on the fence? Are you having a hard time finding that perfect place to call home? Are you needing just a little extra cash to help you feel comfortable purchasing? Maybe your finances are not where you want them?

We know 2020 has been a rough year for most everyone and we want to help you have a fresh start in 2021. We’re doing a few things to help you take the leap into buying a new home!

  • We offer several incentive options that will help you have extra cash to or build a home that’s perfect for you and your family. Our current incentives are:
  • If you’re not looking for a newly-built home, we offer “Previously Loved” homes through our rental company, Miller Family Properties, that were formerly rental homes and are now for sale at fantastic prices. These homes are in excellent condition, come with all the kitchen appliances, have finished basements, are at least 4 bedrooms and most have been recently updated. View our current Previously Loved Homes.
  • If your finances are what’s holding you back, we have Financial & Mortgage Tools including Recommended Lenders that can help you get on track, so that even if you can’t make the leap this year, you start taking the steps so you can in 2021. Check out our Financial Tools & Recommended Lenders.

With our help, you can say “Goodbye” to 2020 and “Hello!’ to a fresh start in 2021 with a new home! Contact one of our New Home Specialists today to learn more.

7 Reasons to Fall in Love with a New Basement

7 Reasons to Fall in Love with a New Basement

Fall in love with a brand new home and free basement! We’re offering a free basement for all Designer and Premier homes in our Village Estates community. You’ll receive more value and space at an affordable price this fall.

If you’re interested in our incentive, here’s seven reasons you’ll fall in love with your basement:

  1. More Space – A great way to increase your space and storage is to move things to your basement (finished and unfinished).
  2. Privacy – The family room makes for a great playroom or media room where you and your family can relax in privacy.
  3. Separate Living Quarters – Having a basement means having the opportunity for more bedrooms. Spread your kids out or host family gatherings!
  4. More Value – Homes with basements have proven to increase the value compared to those without basements.
  5. Accessibility – Basements are ideal locations for water heaters, pressure tanks, water softeners and furnaces. With one, you’ll have easier access to these important systems.
  6. Entertainment – Entertaining is even more fun with a large family room. It provides ample space for holiday gatherings, parties and hobbies.
  7. Safe Zone – During times of severe weather, underground basements offer more protection.

We’re completing our last phase in Village Estates, so come check out our available Designer Homes and remaining lots before they’re gone! This home incentive makes buying a new home even more appealing, not to mention the 1-year warranty, customer care and getting to enjoy a brand new home!

The offer is valid until Sunday, November 15, 2020, at 11:59 am.

Book a meeting with Jon to learn more:

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The Pathway to Homeownership

The Pathway to Homeownership

Are you ready to build a new home! Our Pathway to Homeownership will showcase what to expect on your journey, including how to get from floor plan selection to move-in day in 13 steps.

The 13 steps are grouped into three phases: Pre-Construction, Construction and Move-In.

  • Pre-Construction: The first phase includes Steps 1-5. Consider this the planning and prepping phase, where you’ll work with our team to pick the perfect neighborhood, lot, home plan and home selections. This is an exciting time for us, partnering together to visualize and plan your new home. This phase takes approximately 3-4 weeks after your purchase agreement is signed.
    • Step 1: Choose Your Dream Home & Site – Tour our neighborhoods and our available Designer Homes with our New Home Specialists. Choose your favorite lot and floor plan in your selected community.
    • Step 2: Review Financing Options – Review pricing on floor plans, lots, specials and structural options.
    • Step 3: Sign Purchase Agreement – Finalize selecting your floor plan, lot and options, then sign a purchase agreement and provide earnest money. 
    • Step 4: Personalize Your Home – Personalize your new home with selections such as colors, flooring, light fixtures, countertops and appliances. You’ll meet with our Interior Designer to make navigating this task seamless and fun. 
    • Step 5: Meet Your Project Manager – Meet to review and finalize all selections and options with your Project Manager before construction begins.
  • Construction: Steps 6-10 create the second phase. During this time, you’ll preview your home’s progress and completion while prepping for closing. Depending on the weather, phase two takes approximately five months.
    • Step 6: Breaking Ground – Construction officially begins with the excavation of your new home!
    • Step 7: Frame Tour – See your home’s structure take shape by reviewing the framing and verifying the location of each electrical component.
    • Step 8: Progress Tour – After the drywall is complete, you’ll see the rooms and spaces during the progress tour. You’ll get to review trim, shelving and other finishing details.
    • Step 9: Prepare for Closing – Closing day takes place in approximately 60 days! Get ready by packing up your belongings and preparing for your final payment.
    • Step 10: Home Presentation (HP) – Meet your Warranty Specialist to review your new home and the Miller Family Homes’ warranty program within a week of closing day.
  • Move-In: This is perhaps the most exciting phase! It’s time to sign papers, move your things and settle into your new home. Completing Steps 11-14 will finalize your Pathway to Homeownership! Phase three is complete after the final warranty check approximately 11 months after closing.
    • Step 11: Closing Day – Go to closing, sign papers, bring any required documents and money, then receive your new keys! This marks the official transfer of ownership to you!
    • Step 12: Move-In Day – Take your valued possessions to your new home and enjoy your new home!
    • Step 13: Customer Care – Warranty courtesy visits take place 60 days and 11 months after closing to make sure everything is working correctly.
    • Step 14: Spread Your Roots – When you refer friends and family to us, you’ll be eligible to receive a tree when someone signs a purchase agreement. There is also an opportunity to provide feedback on your experience through an independent study.