Mini Lifestyle Photo Shoot

Scheduling Form

As a thank you for buying/building with us, use this form to schedule your Complimentary Mini Lifestyle Photo Shoot. This is a 30-45 minute lifestyle photo shoot. Please provide two preferred photo shoot dates, availablity for the photo shoot and two potential activities that you would like to do during the photo shoot. After you submit this form, we’ll contact you to finalize scheduling and photo shoot details with one of our vetted photographers.

Please be sure that your preferred photo shoot dates are within a 6-month time frame from your closing date. Keep in mind that you are alloted one rescheduling date after the photo shoot date has been set. If your photo shoot date falls in the fifth month after closing, then rescheduling will not be an option.

For full details and information, visit our Complimentary Mini Lifestyle Photo Shoot page, call the marketing department at (316) 260.2102 or email marketing@millerfamilyhomes.com.

Be sure to fill out the Photo Release Form at the bottom of this page, after you have filled out the scheduling form. We cannot proceed with scheduling your photo shoot if you don’t fill out and submit the Photo Release form section.

Thank you for buying or building with us! We look forward to helping you commemorate your new home!

Mini Lifestyle Photo Shoot Scheduling Form

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Next, Read & Fill Out the Photo Release Form

Fill out this form to grant Miller Family Homes, its photographer, representatives and employees the right to take photographs of you, your family (all members listed below in the “Clients” section) and your property. Please make note of and indicate your authorization for Miller Family Homes to copyright, use and publish these photos in print and/or electronically in the appropriate location on the form as well.

We cannot proceed with your Complimentary Mini Lifestyle Photo Shoot without this form being filled out and submitted.

Typing your first and last name on the Agreement line at the bottom of the form acts as your signature and indicates your acceptance and understanding of the things stated on this form.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to fill this out.

Photo Release Form

Photo Release - Indicate permission for Miller Family Homes, their contracted or employed photographers and its employees to copyright, use and publish the photos in print and/or electronically.

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