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Here you’ll find all you need to help you determine if your financially ready to buy or build a home, how much home you can afford, prep for your mortgage and lender meetings and more! You’ll also find information and links to our Recommended Lenders. We want your Pathway to Homeownership to be as smooth and successful as possible. Having a solid financial foundation is just as important as the foundation your home sits on!

Recommended Lenders

Fidelity Bank

Osbaldo Moreno

Residential Loan Officer
NMLS# 2152185

The Most Lending Options. None of the hassle.

Apply In-Person or Online

Office: (316) 749.4411 | Cell: (316) 680.3338

Email: OMoreno@FidelityBank.com

Located At: 100 East English

Wichita, KS 67202

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Heartland Credit Union

Steve Farmer

Real Estate Loan Consultant
NMLS# 492459

Personalized Lending Options

Apply Online In Just 15 Minutes

Call: (316) 221.8649

Email: steve.farmer@hcu.coop

Branch Location: Available at Multiple Locations

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Sherri Rangel with Flat Branch Home Loans

Sherri Rangel

Senior Mortgage Broker
NMLS# 1367758

Knowledgeable. Helpful. Quick Responses.

Apply In-Person, Online or On The App

Cell: (316) 350.9729

Email: SRangel@FBHL.com

Located At: 7330 W 33rd St N

Wichita, KS 67205

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US Bank

Alejandra Gomez

Mortgage Loan Officer
NMLS# 222758

Se Habla Español

Apply In-Person or Online ⋅ Aplicar en persona o en línea

Call: (316) 768.5525

Email: alejandra.gomez@USBank.com

Branch Location: 801 E. Douglas, 2nd Floor

Wichita, KS 67202

Learn More About Alejandra ⋅ Más información sobre Alejandra

Gateway Mortgage

Keith Stareck

Mortgage Sales Manager
NMLS# 260485

Did you know? After you’ve been preapproved by one lender you have 45 days to comparison shop lenders. Multiple lenders can perform credit checks and it will be viewed as one inquiry on your credit report according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Recommend Tools & References

View Today's Mortgage Rates

View a snapshot of today’s average mortgage rates through BankRate.com and get valuable insight regarding mortgage rates.

Click to See Today’s Mortgage Rates on BankRate.com Here.

See The Credit Score A Lender Sees | MyFico.com

From the MyFico.com website:

Who We Are

myFICO is the official consumer division of FICO, the company that invented the FICO credit score. FICO Scores are the most widely used credit scores, and have been an industry standard for more than 25 years.

Your All-In-One Solution

Compare your FICO Scores and credit reports from all 3 bureaus—Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax—side-by-side. Understanding your credit has never been easier!

Prepare For Your Credit Goals

Get the right score for your credit goal, including your FICO Scores used for mortgages, auto loans, and credit cards.

Get The Score Lenders Use

Get your FICO Score, the score that is used in over 90% of US lending decisions. Although they may look the same, other credit scores can vary as much as 100 points from your FICO Score.

Guiding You Through Life's Financial Journey | Bankrate.com

From Bankrate.com:

Compare rates, crunch numbers and get expert guidance for life’s pivotal financial moments.

Why trust Bankrate?

Bankrate has been the authority in personal finance since it was founded in 1976 as the “Bank Rate Monitor,” a print publication for the banking industry. Bankrate has been surveying and collecting mortgage rate information from the nation’s largest lenders for more than 30 years. Hundreds of top publications, such as The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, CNBC and others, depend on Bankrate as a trusted source of financial information, so you know you’re getting information you can trust.

Visit Bankrate.com here.

Make All The Right Money Moves | NerdWallet.com

From NerdWallet.com:

Need expert money advice helpful tools and tailored insights to answer your money questions? Turn to the Nerds.

Easily explore your best money options for:

Everything you need — totally free

Expert info

Our objective and award-winning editorial team of 80+ Nerds make even the most complicated money questions and topics simple to understand.

Helpful tools

Side-by-side comparisons, smart calculators and straightforward simulators help you make sense of your options.

Tailored insights

Tell us more about you and we’ll recommend things like the best credit card for your spending habits, simple ways to up your credit score and more.

Consumer Protection Basics | Consumer.gov

From the Consumer.gov website:

Consumer.gov is a government website that helps you:

  • Manage and use your money wisely
  • Use credit and loans carefully
  • Protect your identity and money

This website is simple to use and features information for everything from making a budget, opening a bank account, using debit and credit cars, buying a used car, renting, saving money when you shop, to understanding your credit history, learning about Payday Loans and Cash Advances, managing debt, learning about imposter scams, avoiding identity theft, recovering from identity theft and more!

Visit the Consumer.gov website here.



Mortgage Calculator

The creator of the mortgage calculator used on our website, this website has additional helpful mortgage calulation information and other mortgage calculators. Feel free to use our Mortgage Calculator below, or visit the MortgageOnlineAdvice.org website to learn more.

Helpful Homebuyer Tips

Mortgage Rate Factors

According to ConsumerFinance.gov, Forbes.com, Bankrate.com and NerdWallet.com there are some things you can control that affect your mortgage interest rate as well as some that you can’t. Focus on what you can to improve your chances of getting the lowest rate possible.

Factors You CAN Control:

  • Your Credit Score
  • The Location of the Home Your Buying
  • Home Price & Loan Amount
  • Down Payment
  • Loan Term
  • Interest Rate Type
  • Loan Type
  • Lender & Type of Lender

Factors You CAN’T Control:

  • Overall Economy
  • Inflation
  • Job Growth
  • Stock Prices
  • Retail Sales
  • Other Home Sales
  • The Federal Reserve

Mortgage Do Not’s

According to ConsumerFinance.gov, Slideshare.com, Bankrate.com and NerdWallet.com there are several things you should not do after you have been pre-approved, after signing a contract on a home and while you are waiting to close on your home as these things might affect purchasing and closing on your home.

Be sure to follow this list to help ensure a smooth homebuying and closing process:

  • Don’t make any large purchases
  • Don’t open any new lines of credit or take any new loans (new car, new credit cards, financing furniture, new installment loans, etc)
  • Don’t max out any credit cards
  • Don’t co-sign on loans for anyone
  • Don’t miss paying any bills
  • Don’t move any loans into forbearance
  • Don’t change or quit jobs
  • Don’t consolidate any debt
  • Don’t make large cash deposits
  • Don’t shift money from one bank account to another
  • Don’t make large deposits into a checking or savings account without consulting your loan officer
  • Don’t spend money set aside for the down payment, closing costs or savings
  • Don’t close any existing credit lines
  • Don’t be afraid to ask your lender questions

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