Discover the Benefits of Buying in a Closeout Community

Considering moving or buying? Consider buying a brand-new home in a closeout community or collection!

There are plenty of benefits to buying a new home versus a used home, now discover an additional 10 benefits of buying a new home in a closeout community!

  1. There is little to no construction going on. No construction noise, no dirt (well this is Kansas…so less dirt), no construction vehicles, no trades, just a brand-new home in a fully developed, finished neighborhood.
  2. The amenity package is complete and established. Usually, by the community closeout, the amenity package is finished and actively used. You don’t have to wait to enjoy the amenities, you get to use them from day one of moving in. Not only that, but often these common areas are a great opportunity for you and your kids to meet and make friends of neighbors and others in the community. Miller Family Homes Bonus: In Southern Ridge, the amenities are within walking distance.
  3. The remaining new homes for sale are often move-in-ready. Even though there may be only a couple of homes left to buy, the homes that are available should be able to close fairly quickly depending on your mortgage and title companies. If you plan on buying a home with cash, you may be able to close in as little as 7 days. Miller Family Homes bonus: In Southern Ridge and Village Estates the few remaining opportunities are move-in ready!
  4. Homes are priced to move and are at, and possibly even below market value. Because construction is finished, home prices won’t fluctuate or change any further. Typically, prices are on-point for the market and comps and often are reduced by some sort of sale or incentive to get the homes sold. Miller Family Homes Bonus: Check out our current sales specials here!
  5. You’ll have neighbors that take pride in their homes. Say hello to a great streetscape thanks to neighbors that care as much about their home as you do about yours! Typically, many people have lived in the community for a while and have put in the work to have gorgeous ornamental beds and landscaping. Pride in ownership is evident throughout the neighborhood and everyone in the community takes part in making sure the neighborhood looks good so that you can all enjoy the community you live in.
  6. The big decisions are made for you. Often building a brand-new home can seem dreamy, but there are many decisions that must be made during the process. It is an exciting process, but also one that can become very tedious and overwhelming. Paint colors, flooring, light fixtures, upgrades and options, electrical outlet placement, and more must be decided in various phases of construction. When you buy a brand-new, completed home, these decisions have already been made. You’ll get a gorgeous, finished home with in-style finishes and features that have been hand-selected by a professional interior designer, ensuring a beautiful, cohesive, and sophisticated home, ready for you and your family. Just add your personal belongings and décor to make it your own!
  7. The roads are complete and established. It may not sound like much but having paved roads, and established entrances and exits that are complete makes it easier to get into and out of the community and gives you visual aids for your guests to navigate the area easier. Not to mention your car will stay much cleaner driving on completed roads than roads that are a work in progress.
  8. Google likely knows your address, and so does the post office. Many times, early in the development of a community, the postal service and map services like Google and Bing may struggle to find your address, making it difficult to share your address with your friends and family, and even to get mail. In a closeout community, the postal service has been delivering mail to your area for a while and knows where your home is on the route among your neighbors’ homes.
  9. The area is kid friendly. In a closeout community, most of the homes have been purchased and most likely there are families living in those homes with kids, especially in communities in great school districts like Southern Ridge. Your kids will have instant buddies and playmates that they can meet while taking advantage of the community amenities or at the bus stop. Not to mention, no construction means no dangerous equipment around, no construction materials, no loud construction noises, etc. just nice, kid-friendly spaces inside and outside of your home.
  10. All the great benefits of buying with us still apply. From the 1-year builder warranty to the energy-efficient Pella windows to the 92% energy-efficient furnace and more, everything that we have built into our homes previously is included in closeout homes as well. No need to worry about lack of quality or after-closing-customer-care, these remain a priority for us regardless of when or where you buy.

Ready to find your new home in a closeout community? Don’t fight the resale market, buy new! Take a look at our two closeout communities. Questions? Want to tour one of these homes for yourself? Schedule an appointment, chat, or give us a call: 316.250.6227

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