A home is more than just a house – it’s where memories are made. And this Mother’s Day, we want to reflect on all the memorable moments that happen in a home all because of Moms.

It is often said that “home is wherever mom is.” Moms are the lifeblood of a home. They set the tone for the day, they heal ouchies with a single kiss, they scare away monsters with a simple peek under the bed, they sing silly songs and comfort hurt tears – moms are the unsung, often underappreciated cornerstone of every home. As children, we often overlooked how much our moms did for us and never fully realized it until we have or had children of our own. As adults, we ache for the days of our mother’s warm embrace and simple cuddles on the couch that slipped away all too quickly. We cling to our heartfelt memories and joyful pieces of the past that we keep tucked away and return to often with our own children to keep glimpses of our own mothers alive in the next generation.

As you think of your own childhood years spent at home with mom what comes to mind? How did your mom make the most of your home’s spaces?

Was it cuddling up on the living room couch to watch your favorite movies with your mom’s secret recipe-seasoned homemade popcorn?

Maybe it was the kitchen where the two of your created culinary masterpieces together, French toast, cookies, and three-course meals that would make even a top chef envious? Or at least trying not to burn the birthday cake for Dad!

Mom making every meal at the table special

What about the dining room table where the two of you created cards, scrapbooks, and works of art next to the likes of Monet and Picasso, or at least tried to, but loved every creative minute of it? You would revel in your mother’s hidden talents as she hemmed jeans, patched holes, created signs for school events,  made Halloween costumes fit just right, and made every meal – whether it be a special occasion or simple breakfast – seem just as delicious and important as any other, always asking about your day and eagerly waiting to hear about all that you did.

Perhaps it was sneaking into Mom and Dad’s room in the middle of the night because of the scary summer thunderstorms, and your mom welcoming you with open arms and a tuck-in right beside her?

Maybe it was how creative your mom was and made the most of every space, using that unfinished basement as a space to create the best, and messiest art projects, build the grandest blanket forts, and even play indoor dodgeball on the rainiest of spring days? She turned closets into rocket ships and back patios into canvases for chalk art, scooter races, and bubble-blowing contests.

Little did you know, but your room wasn’t just your own personal hideaway, it was also your mom’s favorite place in the house. She would sneak in there when you were sleeping at night to peek in on you, watch you breathe, and imagine what you were dreaming about. When you were gone for the day or at a friend’s house, sometimes she would just go stand in there and ache for you to be home but cherish the fact that you were forming a life all your own. She put so much care into making your room special and perfect for you from the start, decorating it before you were even born, then carefully folding and organizing your baby clothes, then toddler clothes, then big kid clothes. She would tell you to keep it clean “or else” then help you clean it because she didn’t want you to have a mess, until you – and your messes – got bigger, and then she would leave it to you so that you would learn responsibility.

Speaking of learning responsibility, think back to the bubble baths where water would seemingly leap out of the tub on its own and you could hear mom down the hallway hastening to “keep the water in the tub!” as she would sneak around the corner with an ever-watchful but oh-so-loving eye, ready to leap in with a towel to sop up the escaped water and gently dry you off as you climbed out of the tub, ready for jammies and bedtime cuddles.

Mother and daughter learning and growing together connecting as friends.Remembering watchful eyes, maybe it was how mom always knew what was going on in the backyard…even if you were being as quiet as a ladybug, making mud pies in every tiniest bit of dirt you found, or climbing the neighbor’s giant maple tree. She knew what was going on every time and would call to you from her outpost – the window above the kitchen sink – to “get down from there before you break your neck!”

Maybe it was time spent gardening or soaking up rays in the backyard with mom as the two of you caught up on your day, lathered up with baby oil to “really let the sun soak in.” You ended up looking more like lobsters than bronze beauties but nonetheless, you connected with your mom more like a friend than a parent for the first time.

As you grew, your mom grew with you, learning to be more patient and take the passenger seat to let you take the steering wheel. Literally and figuratively! Remember sitting in the car parked in the garage where your mom calmly explained how to put the car into reverse and back up, all the while she was panicking inside but was smiling and ever-patient on the outside as you flew down the driveway that was once the canvas for your dual chalk masterpieces.

Consider even the simplest of spaces in the home – the laundry room, where laundry seemed to wash, dry and fold all on its own, but there was one person behind it all – Mom. You would toss dirty garments, shoes, and other items in and they came out clean! It was like magic! Pretty close – it was Mom!

Whatever memories of your mom you have, many of them are connected to your idea of “home.” In good times and in bad, Mom always made the best home.

Whether or not you have kids, biologically, through adoption, or even just ones of the furry sort, you do your best to make your house a home, wherever you live. And that’s all that matters – you and your loved ones, and the memories you create together in the space that you share with each other. This Mother’s Day, try to carry on some of your favorite traditions from your mom. Even something as simple as going outside to blow bubbles or crafting at your dining room table or watching a movie on the couch, whatever you did with her, relive it again. And if you’re lucky enough to have your mom, make sure you invite her to join you! She will be so thrilled that you remembered those special moments and wanted her to join you in experiencing them again! We assure you, that’s better than any $5 logo-embossed card you can find!

And if your mom is no longer here or you’re unable to be with her, know that by reliving your favorite memories of her, you’re keeping the best parts of her alive and with you.

Happy Mother's Day from Miller Family Homes!

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