Welcome to your new home! We are excited that you are a part of the Miller Family Homes family! So, let’s talk lighting! We want to ensure that you light up your life and the guests you have when they walk into your new beautiful home.

Did you know there are multiple types of lighting? We will give you a brief lesson on three different types of lighting and let you decide what will work best for you and your new home!

Task Light

Task lighting is the essential lighting in your home. The lighting focuses on a specific area, and its purpose is to help you perform your daily tasks. Daily tasks you perform are cooking, reading, putting on makeup, shaving, etc.

If you find that your eyes are straining to focus on everyday tasks and are getting heavy, almost as if you were tired, you need to add more task lighting. Consider the area you are straining your eyes in, the bathroom vanity might need to produce more light, and you can fix this by just changing bulbs or changing the fixtures.

When you increase your task lighting in your home, not only will you increase productivity and safety, but you will also enhance the room’s appearance. If you are in areas where you work a lot on computers or spend time reading, you can add lamps, wall scones, or even track lighting.

Aesthetic Light

Aesthetic lighting can significantly impact the emotional balance for you when you look at the architecture and art that the home displays.

When guests come to your home, you what them to have the optimum experience when they visit your home. You want them to feel that they have stepped into a beautiful masterpiece.

In order to create more aesthetic light in your home, here are a few ideas to help create that “WOW” factor.

If you have any pieces of artwork that would benefit from a glow of light to help bring it to life, do it. Paintings, sculptures, and other art forms can thrive with light from multiple angles to help bring those pieces alive.

If you are looking for more of a dramatic effect, you should consider putting in some chandeliers. Imagine having a chandelier over your soaker tub. Not only will your guests feel like they are bathing in luxury, but the appearance can turn that bathroom from drab to fab. 

Just remember, lamps are your friend when it comes to aesthetic lighting. They are manufactured from several materials, creating an exciting glow and appearance that will flow with any mood you try to make.

One last idea to try for aesthetic lighting is LED strip lighting. These can be used all over your home. A great starting point would be in the kitchen with your cabinets. You can make your cabinets from pleasant to fabulous with up-lighting. If you have cabinets with windows, you can bring your display china to life, creating the halo effect.

Natural Light

When talking about natural lighting, we are talking about the light created by the sun’s source. When our bodies get exposed to natural light, it helps our body produce Vitamin D. We need to get enough Vitamin D, which is the key to our physical and psychological well-being.

Your home is already built, so you are probably wondering how you can increase the natural light of the interior of your home. Here are a few ideas to help you with just that.

You can start with your paint choices. You can use gloss paint with lighter or brighter colors. The best color to use for maximum brightness is white. Do not forget your ceilings. The ceilings also help reflect the light. We recommend you not use glossy on the ceiling to reduce glare but stick with the matte look.

When you are decorating, consider using reflective items. You want to look at shiny, reflective, or glossy features. So if you’re going to add some pop to your home, focus on hardware, tiles, light fixtures, and mirrors for more natural light.

You can always consider painting your soffits a brighter color on the home’s exterior. Once again, white will be your best option, and you do not have to repaint the whole exterior. Painting the soffits will help reflect the natural light into your windows.

The different types of lighting, natural, aesthetic, and task lighting, can change the overall feel of your entire home. When designing your home’s layout, think of what kind of lighting best complement what you are trying to accomplish. Most of all, have fun with your new home, and do not be afraid to try something new and fun!