Information, Tips, Tricks, Guides, Design Inspiration and more for everyone! Whether you’re looking to buy or build, in the process, a current or past customer or just poking around the web, we’ve got helpful resources here that relate to every step of the homebuying and homeownership journey!

Builder’s Story

The Builder’s Story includes company stories, updates and news releases.

Building Better Homes

At Miller Family Homes, we strive to build better homes and better communities. Learn more about how this begins with our team and ends with our warranty program.

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Mission-Miller Family Homes

Our Mission

Our mission is to build better homes and better communities. Learn more our mission and core values.

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Miller Family Homes Logo & Kitchen

Our Story

Our story begins with Clint and Brigitte Miller more than 25 years ago. Learn more about our founders and the rest of the Miller family.

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The Miller Family Homes Difference

The Miller Family Homes Difference goes beyond what you see on the surface – we offer an impressive list of standard features that are included in every home. No matter the price of the home or the area it resides in, all of our homes come with these features to help ensure that you are getting the best value.

Riding & Raising Funds for Childhood Cancer Research…Again!

September brings the arrival of many long-awaited activities like football and cooler weather to name a few. For Miller Family Homes, September brings the Great Cycle Challenge. Learn more about what this cause is about, what we’re doing, and what you can do to get involved to help fight kids’ cancers.

Village Estates Community Spotlight

Village Estates is our new home community located just inside of Park City and offers both proximity and privacy! Discover all that this community has to offer and how there are limited opportunities left for you to buy or build your new home here!

Designer’s Corner

The Designer’s Corner includes information about the latest interior design trends, home exterior trends, tips and tricks for homeowners and more!

How to Make the Most of Your Home’s Spaces

Don’t let square footage dictate what you can do with a home. You are only limited by your ingenuity and creativity! Discover tips and tricks for making the most of your home’s spaces.

Think Outside the “Fire” Box with our 7 Fireplace Options

Discover what styles and functions are possible with our 7 cozy fireplace options!

7 Home Décor Styles to Fall in Love with This October

Fall in love with these 7 design styles this October!

Homebuyer’s Guide

The Homebuyer’s Guide includes tips, resources and information for various homebuyers.

New Home Specialists Q&A: What Do First Time Homebuyers Need to Know About Buying A New Home vs A Resale Home?

We asked our New Home Specialists for answers to common questions they receive about buying a new home versus a resale home. Here are their responses and advice for those looking to buy or build new.

Sell High, Borrow Low, Buy or Build New!

Have you been considering selling your home? Maybe you’ve been rolling around the idea of refinancing your current home to make some much needed repairs? Or maybe the low interest rates are intriguing and you’re thinking about buying your first home? We have great news for anyone thinking about doing any of these – now is the perfect time!

Preparing for Homeownership? Become Financially Stable First!

Here are 10 suggestions for how to become financially stable and prepare for homeownership.

Homeowner Resources

The Homeowner Resources includes information, upkeep tips and tricks, as well as other resources for current homeowners.

Fall Tips for Lawn Care

Fall is in the air. You can feel the temperatures starting to drop and winter will be here before you know it. You are finally going to get a break from all the mowing and yardwork until next spring. Don’t start your happy dance yet. This is the time to start...

At Home Exercise Equipment

Having some of this gym equipment can help you transfer your workout routine to the comfort of your own home! Click to learn ways you can stay healthy and fit all while at home.

How To Care For Your New Lawn

We’re here to help take some of the guess work out of caring for your lawn by providing you with helpful lawn watering tips and information, as watering is one of the most important factors affecting overall lawn health. Click to learn more!

Pathway to Homeownership

The Pathway to Homeownership includes information about our home-building process, customer features and more.

Miller Family Homes' Pathway to Homeownership

The Pathway to Homeownership

The Pathway to Homeownership showcases the home-building process. Learn more about the 13 steps to homeownership.

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Meet Our New Home Specialists

Meet Our New Home Specialists

Jenny, Jon & Scott are here to assist you in buying or building a new home!

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2020 End of Year Incentives

Financial & Mortgage Tools

Worksheets, resoucres and information to help you prepare for meetings with lenders, learn more about mortgage rates, determine your budget and how much home you can afford and discover helpful resources not only for homebuying but for financial success.

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Lights, Camera, Family!

Recently built or bought with us? Claim your Complimentary Mini Lifestyle Photo Shoot today. Click to learn more!

Incentives to Help You Get a Fresh Start in 2021

You can say “Goodbye” to 2020 and “Hello!’ to a fresh start in 2021 with a new home through one of our incentives or with the help of our financial tools and Recommended Lenders.

7 Reasons to Fall in Love with a New Basement

Fall in love with a brand new home and free basement! We’re offering a free basement for all Designer and Premier homes in our Village Estates community this fall.