Information, Tips, Tricks, Guides, Design Inspiration and more for everyone! Whether you’re looking to buy or build, in the process, a current or past customer or just poking around the web, we’ve got helpful resources here that relate to every step of the homebuying and homeownership journey!

Builder’s Story

The Builder’s Story includes company stories, updates and news releases.

Building Better Homes

At Miller Family Homes, we strive to build better homes and better communities. Learn more about how this begins with our team and ends with our warranty program.

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Mission-Miller Family Homes

Our Mission

Our mission is to build better homes and better communities. Learn more our mission and core values.

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Miller Family Homes Logo & Kitchen

Our Story

Our story begins with Clint and Brigitte Miller more than 25 years ago. Learn more about our founders and the rest of the Miller family.

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Celebrating 30 Years in Business!

2023 Marks 30 Years in Business for Miller Family Homes! And what a journey it has been! Full of highs and lows, it hasn't always been an easy path, but we are extremely proud of where we are today! Started in 1993 by Clint Miller and his wife Brigitte, their passion...

Tour On Your Own Now Or Later

Now Offering Self-Guided Tours Through NterNow! You might have noticed the new buttons we've added to our website that say "Tour on Your Own Now or Later". This handy new feature we're offering allows you to tour homes on your own, or "self-guided". When you click one...

The House That She Built Movement Comes To Wichita

Introducing Young People at L’Ouverture Career Explorations & Technology Magnet to Careers in Home Building with The House That She Built.

Designer’s Corner

The Designer’s Corner includes information about the latest interior design trends, home exterior trends, tips and tricks for homeowners and more!

Light Up Your Life with Different Lighting Styles

We will give you a brief lesson on three different types of lighting and let you decide what will work best for you and your new home!

How to Make the Most of Your Home’s Spaces

Don’t let square footage dictate what you can do with a home. You are only limited by your ingenuity and creativity! Discover tips and tricks for making the most of your home’s spaces.

Think Outside the “Fire” Box with our 7 Fireplace Options

Discover what styles and functions are possible with our 7 cozy fireplace options!

Homebuyer’s Guide

The Homebuyer’s Guide includes tips, resources and information for various homebuyers.

Discover The Hidden Value in an Unfinished Basement

Is that unfinished basement holding you back from buying the new home you’ve been dreaming of? Don’t let it! Much like an underground gold mine, a home’s unfinished basement is just waiting to be tapped and put to the perfect use. Discover the hidden value in buying a...

Mortgage Loans – Get to Know the Differences

Are you looking to buy, but are unsure of the different types of loans? Well read this quick blog for information.

New Home Mortgage – How Much Can You Afford?

Want a new home, but don’t know how much you can afford? If so, here is a little help to get you started!

Homeowner Resources

The Homeowner Resources includes information, upkeep tips and tricks, as well as other resources for current homeowners.

The Five Zones of a Successful Kitchen

Congratulations on moving into your new home! You are probably thinking there are so many boxes that you will start putting items in the cabinets and drawers to get the clutter out of the way. Well, let's not get into a hurry while unpacking. You just bought a new...

“Spread Your Roots” – A Referral Program

As a small token of appreciation for each referral* that signs a contract to buy or build with Miller Family Homes, we will have a tree sapling of your choosing from the “Your Tree Choices.” Please read on to learn more about how the program works, important details,...

7 Tips to Help You Save Money on Your Energy Bill

In the summer, you often wish for the cool crisp days of winter instead of the fierce heat that summer carries. Well, you got it! Winter is finally here, and the temperatures are starting to reflect the season. Are you prepared for the upcoming energy bill that goes...

Pathway to Homeownership

The Pathway to Homeownership includes information about our home-building process, customer features and more.

Miller Family Homes' Pathway to Homeownership

The Pathway to Homeownership

The Pathway to Homeownership showcases the home-building process. Learn more about the 13 steps to homeownership.

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Meet the Miller Family Homes New Home Specialists and Online Sales Consultant

Meet Our New Home Specialists

Our Online Sales Consultant and New Home Specialists are here to assist you in buying or building a new home!

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2020 End of Year Incentives

Financial & Mortgage Tools

Worksheets, resoucres and information to help you prepare for meetings with lenders, learn more about mortgage rates, determine your budget and how much home you can afford and discover helpful resources not only for homebuying but for financial success.

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Top 13 Commonly Explained Terms by Our New Home Specialists

Have you considered buying a home, but the jargon scared you off? Well, you are not the only one. We have put together a list of the most common explained words from our New Home Specialists. Pre-Qualification – The first step in the mortgage step is to get...

Lights, Camera, Family!

Recently built or bought with us? Claim your Complimentary Mini Lifestyle Photo Shoot today. Click to learn more!

Incentives to Help You Get a Fresh Start in 2021

You can say “Goodbye” to 2020 and “Hello!’ to a fresh start in 2021 with a new home through one of our incentives or with the help of our financial tools and Recommended Lenders.