Have you been considering selling your home? Maybe you’ve been rolling around the idea of refinancing your current home to make some much needed repairs? Or maybe the low interest rates are intriguing and you’re thinking about buying your first home? We have great news for anyone thinking about doing any of these – now is the perfect time!

We’re sure you are aware, but in case you haven’t heard, interest rates are near historically low and have held steady throughout 2021 – predicted to only slightly raise, if not remain where they are over the next month according to BankRate.com. This means you can borrow more, at a potentially lower interest rate than ever before.

If you’re a current homeowner, this means yes, you could refinance for a lower interest rate. You’ll most likely lower your payment, take years off your loan and get some cash back to you during the process – perfect for making home repairs or remodeling.

Instead of refinancing to make repairs or remodel, sell and buy or build a new home with Miller Family Homes

There is another option though – avoid the headache altogether and sell your home for more than you ever could before!

The resale housing market has been intriguing to say the least! According to Realtor.com, houses in Wichita are selling on average after only 48 days on the market and expected to go even quicker in the coming months. What this means for you is that when you are ready to list your home, you can expect it to sell quickly.

This is great if you already have another home to move into. But if you don’t, it can be a scary realization and one that hinders your willingness to consider listing your house or buying another one. That’s where we come in. Rather than trying to navigate the hostile resale market, looking at houses every waking moment only to learn that three offers have already been submitted on the house you just toured, getting into multiple bidding wars and counter offers and inevitably signing your life away on something that you’re just okay with because it’s the only option available, we have a different idea.

Avoid the rat-race resale market and buy or build a new home with Miller Family Homes

Avoid all of this and buy a brand-new, never-been-lived-in home or even build the home of your dreams!

If you’ve never considered buying or building a new home before, now is the perfect time! The limited availability of resale homes has caused their value to skyrocket. “Used” homes are going for far more than they have in previous year – so not only is there less available, but what is available is more expensive not to mention highly competitive.

Considering this, you can get a brand-new home for only a little more than a resale home. Comparing square footages, bedrooms, bathrooms and accounting for all the “new” in a new home, it’s a far better value than buying a “used” home that will most definitely come with repairs – both known and unknown – and a project list of things that you’ll have to do after, or even before you can or want to move-in. Counter that with buying a new home:

  • No cleaning (its already been cleaned for you).
  • No repairs (you’ll do a walk through to make sure everything is to your liking before closing).
  • No worrying about what “surprises” a previous homeowner left behind for you.

It just makes sense to buy or build a new home. And its more attainable now than ever before.

The low interest rates coupled with the intense resale market make the perfect pair to buy a new home.

  • You can borrow more with potentially less and at a lower rate.
  • You can sell your current home for more (you’ll be on the receiving end of the bidding wars!), putting more money in your pocket to go towards a brand-new home.

The timing couldn’t be better to buy or build a brand-new home!

Buy or Build a New Home! 2716 S Prescott Ct is Move-In Ready and For Sale!

Here are a few other details that might sweeten the deal:

  • Our buying and building process is fully transparent. Our goal is to provide as much information and be as helpful as possible throughout the entire process. We’re willing to work and communicate with you, your lender and your realtor. And if you don’t have a realtor we can help you sell your current house.
  • We provide approximate move-in timeframes for all of our available designer homes so that you can plan when to sell your current home, get financing and buy your new home in a way that works best for you.
  • We have lots of great tools, resources and information available on our website and at our Welcome Centers to assist you in deciding which home to buy or floor plan to build, finding and choosing a lender, determining a budget for your new home, calculating mortgage payments, learning more about the locations of our communities and more!
  • Depending upon your financial institution, after you get pre-approved and you’ve signed a contract to buy or build, you will most likely be locked into the interest rate set by your lender. What this means is that even if interest rates rise, you’ll still get the great rate set during your pre-approval. *
  • You won’t make your first mortgage payment until after you close and most likely not until a month after closing,** hopefully preventing doubling up on mortgage or rent payments and maybe even going a month without either one depending upon your closing date.
  • You’ll be offered a complimentary lifestyle photo shoot for you and your family to commemorate your new home up until 6 months after closing. Learn more here!
  • With our Spread Your Roots referral program, for every referral you send our way that signs a contract to buy or build, you’ll get a free tree sapling of your choosing planted in your yard!***
  • Oh, and did we mention the 1-Year Builder Warranty with check-ups at 60 days and 11 months to ensure you’re still loving your new home?

Whether you were considering refinancing, selling or buying or you we’ve convinced you after reading this, at the very least we hope that this information has helped you decide what’s best for you and your family at this point in time.

We know that everyone has different factors influencing their decisions and we would never want to persuade you to do something that won’t benefit your family. If you think that buying or building new is something you would like to take advantage of, here’s how you can get started:

Whether it’s now or later, whenever you’re ready to buy or build the new home of your dreams, we’re here, ready to help!

*Most financial institutions offer a “lock-in” option and/or product. Speak with your lender to ensure this is available for your specific lending situation.

**This is determined by the terms of your loan, closing date and other factors. Ask your lender if this will pertain to your specific situation.

***Limited to three trees chosen from a pre-determined list of trees that survive and thrive well in our Wichita climate and soil.