As a small token of appreciation for each referral* that signs a contract to buy or build with Miller Family Homes, we will have a tree sapling of your choosing from the “Your Tree Choices.” Please read on to learn more about how the program works, important details, rules and restrictions so that you know what to expect from our referral program and the process.

How The Referral Program Works

  1. You recommend a friend or family member use Miller Family Homes for their Pathway to Homeownership by either word of mouth or through the “Referral Form.”
  2. The person you referred visits with a New Home Specialists and ultimately decides to write a contract with Miller Family Homes to either buy a designer home or build a premier home. Prior to or at contract signing they must mention that you referred them or they can submit the “Referred By Form.”
  3. Once we have received verification that the person you’ve referred has signed a contract, we’ll contact you to provide you with information on available trees and/or to see which tree you would like planted if you’ve reviewed the available tree choices here on the website. You may also fill out the “Tree Selection Form” below.
  4. Once you choose a tree, and we’ve coordinated a planting date with you and the tree vendor, we’ll purchase and have the tree planted in your yard at the desired location.
  5. We will repeat this process for up to three referrals per household within a 5-year time frame of your home’s closing date.

Important Details, Rules & Restrictions

Miller Family Homes will accommodate the purchasing and planting of your tree sapling from a vendor of our choosing on a day and time that works with your schedule. Please provide us with multiple days and timeframes that will work for your tree to be planted. For example, September 24th-28th between 2pm and 3pm. Providing a timeframe of multiple days allows us to better coordinate with our tree vendors and their working days.

Each household is limited to three tree sapling plantings even if more than three of your referrals sign contracts. Referrals must sign a contract within 5 years of your home’s closing date to count towards the referral program. Please note that those being referred do not get a tree planted in their yard. They must make their own referrals to take advantage of this program.

You’ll choose a tree for planting from a pre-determined, professionally recommended, selection of trees known to thrive and do well in the Wichita area’s soil, climate, and drastic weather changes. Please provide a second, different tree option as well should the tree you’re wanting not be available as we’re limited by what’s in season and what the nursery has available.

All of our tree vendors offer all-inclusive planting meaning that the area around the tree will be appropriately prepared and established based on the type of tree (mulching, staking, etc). The tree sapling and planting comes with a 1-year warranty through the tree vendor.

The tree vendor will supply you with the warranty information and instructions for caring for your new sapling tree. It is up to you to ensure that the tree is properly cared for after it has been planted.

Should you have questions or issues with your tree sapling, please refer to the materials provided after planting or consult a professional landscaping, lawn or tree care company.

Miller Family Homes holds no responsibility or liability for the trees themselves or damage that may be caused to your home from the tree, tree planting, tree growth, root systems, etc. The information stated here on our website and within any print materials provided to you was obtained from reliable resources and is provided as a guide. Miller Family Homes holds no responsibility or liability for decisions made from this information. All use is at the customer’s will and risk.

If you have any questions about our refer program, “Spread Your Roots,” please reach out to our New Home Specialists or contact us at marketing@millerfamilyhomes.com.