Dust off your stretchy pants because Thanksgiving is right around the corner. The best thing about Thanksgiving is the gathering of your friends and family and spending quality time together. When everyone arrives at your home, you want them to get that warm fall feeling when they walk through the front door. You would like to make sure that the ambiance is perfect!

When you think of Fall and Thanksgiving, you think of the leaves changing color and falling to the ground on a dewy day. You envision the squirrels gathering the last of the acorns to last them throughout winter. You imagine pumpkin patches and curling your hands around a warm cup of cider. The impression you want your guests to experience when they step into your home is just that sensation.

Upon arrival, your guests are going to be surrounded by a variety of delicious aromas that your cooking is creating. The house is warm and cozy from all the baking. The grazing table is supplied with all your holiday favorite finger foods and snacks. If you listen ever so slightly, you can already hear the buttons on the pants beginning to get loosened. It is impressive that you have already played a significant role in heightening their sense of smell. Thus, you are starting to create the feeling of Thanksgiving, and your guests have only just walked through the door.

Simultaneously your guests are also experiencing a visual perception of the decorations. The colors of Fall are warm, bold, and inviting. The ever-changing colors of the leaves as they fall off the trees and create a ground cover are breathtaking. As they look around, they are going to notice how you incorporated that feeling into your decoration scheme.

You have pumpkins of all assorted colors, shapes, and sizes throughout your house to give the appearance that you are at a pumpkin patch. The table place setting is elegant with your best china, cloth napkins, and water goblets. You have checked and rechecked that your silverware is perfectly aligned and in the precise position. Your centerpiece is an array of the traditional fall palette: orange, gold, maroon, and brown. You have always wanted to try a fresh look, but you look back with the memories you had with your grandmother, and these make you feel more at home for the holiday.

The fireplace has fresh cedar logs ready to be ignited, and the mantle displays a banner that reads “Give Thanks” and painted pumpkins that spell out “Thankful.” The foliage behind the pumpkins has sage blended into the traditional colors and the lit candles are cascading an amber glow over the whole focal point amplified by the golden trimmed mirror.

As all your guests start arriving, the sound of laughter and chatter is underway. You have the kids playing and running around. Aunt Bertha just yelled at Little John for spilling her wine all over her new thanksgiving sweater that the ladies in the craft group made for her. Uncle Steve talks about how successful his kids have become and apologizes that they could not make it for yet another holiday get-together. Mom is in your kitchen telling you that you are making everything wrong, and you need to stick to her recipe and not go off-script. Your sister is in the background mimicking your mom while she takes another sip of the local IPA that she picked up at the liquor store. Then there is your Dad, your rock, telling you not to worry that everything will work itself out.

The meal is ready for serving. It is time to herd the troops into the dining room so Uncle Vernon can bless the Thanksgiving Feast. As everyone fills their plate as you pass around the sides, you notice all the smiling and eager faces that are happy to eat. The carving of the turkey is always the same testosterone argument of “You are cutting it wrong.” You can hear the knife cutting through the crisp skin and hitting the bottom of the serving platter. Once the turkey is served, the table goes into total silence for the first bite.

The turkey has left your fork and is now in your mouth. The delicious taste of a juicy turkey gives your stomach a warming sensation. That is soon to be followed by the creamy mashed potatoes smothered by homemade turkey dripping gravy. Your tastebuds are screaming that they are in love! You know you should not but, you go back for seconds. The green bean casserole is whispering, “get in my belly.”

Everyone has eaten to their limits. About fifty percent of your guests have belched and unbuttoned their pants, even though you warned them to bring their stretchy pants. You then mention that you have pumpkin pie and apple pie for dessert. Everyone looks at you like they have seen a ghost. Uncle Vernon pipes in, “You have whip cream from them?”  Everyone laughs and inhales a slice of pie because it is, after all, a Thanksgiving Tradition.

There is one element that is needed to make the Thanksgiving Dream a reality, a home. Your home should make decorations look like they have been there from the beginning of time. You require a perfect kitchen to make sure that the turkey is cooked to perfection, is basted, and kept moist. Your kitchen should have plenty of counter space for the pies to knead the dough and cool them to room temperature. That is where Miller Family Homes can help you. We want to make sure that you have a home to can continue your family traditions while your family grows. Give us a call or stop into one of our beautiful model homes. We want to be a part of your tradition.

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