Introducing Young People at L’Ouverture Career Explorations & Technology Magnet to Careers in Home Building

From architect to electrician to interior designer to tile installer to excavator and even marketer, the home building industry offers many fulfilling careers to women and men across the country. To spread this message, we are working with Outhouse, LLC to give away The House That She Built Coloring & Activity Book activity books to all Kindergarten and 1st Grade students at L’Ouverture Career Explorations & Technology Magnet on December 15th at 2:00 PM. This activity book introduces young girls and boys to the many skills involved in construction and is the companion piece to The House That She Built children’s book.

What is The House That SHE Built? The House That SHE Built was a unique undertaking by The Utah Chapter of the NAHB Professional Women in Building whose goal was to “highlight and utilize women professionals, skilled tradeswomen, and women-owned companies for all stages of the project [building a new home]” and is the first home in the nation constructed entirely by women. Throughout the project, it garnered national media attention and inspired a best-selling children’s book, The House That She Built, which has sparked an international movement empowering young people, especially girls to learn more about careers in the home-building industry. The book was written and illustrated by Mollie Elkman and Georgia Castellano of Group Two Advertising. The activity book is a companion piece printed by Outhouse LLC, a provider of online marketing tools, print, and signage for builders.

The House That SHE Built immediately caught the attention of several Miller Family Homes team members. Appreciating the goal of the project and the overall outcome, we are thrilled with the opportunity to bring a little part of this great initiative to the Wichita area, particularly L’Ouverture Career Exploration and Technology Magnet Elementary School. We appreciate their “every student future-ready” approach to education and their goal to empower students to become self-motivated learners as this will serve them well throughout their life, regardless of their chosen career path. We hope that the donation of The House That She Built Coloring & Activity Books will inspire children to learn more about the construction industry and instill an appreciation of and the need for, every tradesperson involved in building and construction.

Miller Family Homes and Outhouse, LLC are honored to be part of a movement encouraging young girls and boys to be courageous, step outside the box, and follow their dreams. Being recognized at the event on December 15th is L’Ouverture teacher Jeni Dickson Atwood. She started her teaching career at age 51, demonstrating you can redefine yourself and succeed at any age.

Available online at thehousethatshebuilt.com, all proceeds from book and merchandise sales go to support women in construction, diversity, and inclusion in construction and housing.

We hope to continue this endeavor with future events and education opportunities for young people in the Wichita area. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have questions or would like to learn more about getting involved.

The House That She Built Coloring And Activity Book