Build a home dad will love this Father's Day and beyond!Father. Dad. Daddy. Pop. Big guy. Papa. There are so many names for that special guy in our lives who raised us, inspired us, and helped us become who we are today. For many people there is no biological connection to the person they call “dad”, but it’s the guy who was there when they needed him most. Whoever this person is for you, we hope you’ll take some time this weekend to spoil him and let him know how much you appreciate all that he does.

With that in mind, we wanted to take advantage of this fast-approaching Father’s Day and let you know our secret recipe to build a house that Dad will love, relax in, and enjoy for years to come. It’s been tried and true and passed down for generations, and it’s an integral part of every home we build.

Ingredients To Build A Home Dad Will Love

  • Lots of Space & Storage
  • Ample Garage Space
  • Multiple Hiding Places
  • 1 Outdoor Space to Grill
  • Adequate Area for Hobbies
  • 1 Man Cave
  • 1 Service Door
  • New Appliances


The “Icing” to Make the Home Even Sweeter

  • A Dash of Technology
  • A Shake of Automation
  • A Handful of Low Maintenance Features
  • Privacy – Use Liberally
  • Love & Appreciation Drizzled Throughout


Step 1. Mix the ingredients to build a home, ensuring that there are dedicated spaces for all of Dad’s activities.

Space for family time, where the family can be together and enjoy each other’s company. Space to sneak away when a little peace and quiet is needed. Space for storage to hold all the stuff. Space to relax. Space for hobbies. Space to grill. Yes, space for everything is a crucial part of building a home for Dad. Mixing it all together in the right quantities is crucial and may need refining over time.

Step 2. Add a shake of trouble-free touches, a handful of low-maintenance features, and a dash of technology throughout the home.

Making things easier amps up any dad-worthy home. Key elements like a service door in the garage that goes out to the yard for easier mowing, programmable sprinkler systems, included sod and landscaped ornamental beds, Wi-Fi thermostats and garage door openers that can be controlled from anywhere, composite decks that don’t have to be treated and stained every year, and built-in entertainment centers all make a home that much easier for dad to maintain. Plus, with a new home, you’ve got at least a few years of minimal maintenance that needs to be done to the home itself! Everything is new! And, if something does break, typically it’s under warranty.

Step 3. Sprinkle privacy liberally!

Yep, Dad likes to get away in his own home every now and then. He needs space to do dad things and to get away from dad things. So, take that privacy and use it liberally! We’ve found that a private water closet in the main suite, plus a finished basement with a bar makes for a perfect man cave, add a built-in entertainment center and Dad will be in heaven for hours. Maybe it’s the extra-large three-car garage that’s got room for all of Dad’s toys, cars, and room to spare for extra dad stuff. One of our newer features, a safe room, makes great dad-get-away spaces – cool, quiet, and easy to get to when the in-laws are in town.

Step 4. Drizzle love and appreciation throughout and over the entire home.

The final step is the most important one. Without love and appreciation, a home is just a house. Your care and love and reminding Dad just how much you appreciate all that he does, not just this weekend, but every day, will make any house the perfect home for Dad.

There you have it! With a few simple ingredients, you too can build the perfect home for dad this Father’s Day, regardless of whether you are actually looking to buy or build! All you really need to do is treat Dad, show him some love, and be sure to let him know just how much you appreciate all he does!

And, if you are looking to buy or build, many of our homes come with these dad-worthy features already included in them! Check out our available homes or tour our new model in Clear Creek to experience for yourself some of these great features that Dad is sure to love!

Happy Father's Day from Miller Family Homes!