Does the cool weather have you dreaming about a new fireplace? Want a fireplace as unique as you are? At Miller Family Homes, we believe the perfect fireplace should create a cozy atmosphere and conjure joyous memories spent with friends and family. Whether you’re wanting a classic look or modern twist, our team hopes to help you and yours experience the calming benefits a new fireplace can bring.

Discover what styles and functions are possible with our 7 cozy fireplace options: 

1) Modern Fireplace

Decorative yet functional, our Modern Fireplace option offers the best of both worlds when it comes to any design scheme. Want to elevate its functionality? Add built-in bookshelves to give your home a warm feel and instantly create custom storage! Will you choose a modern look for your new fireplace?


2) Craftsman Fireplace

Our Craftsman Fireplace is the perfect combination of style and practicality. Want to go with an electric or gas fireplace option? Looking to add decorative tile or classic stone? How about built-in bookshelves and cabinets? You choose! With the Craftsman, there’s a perfect option for all aesthetics!


3) Corner Fireplace

Enjoy fireplace ambiance and ultimate comfort with our Corner Fireplace option. If you’re looking for a fireplace that saves space and features a timeless, elegant design, then look no further! This beautiful space-saving option is calling your name. Can you already picture where you would put a corner fireplace in your home?


4) Farmhouse Fireplace

Our Farmhouse Style Fireplace option is an absolute dream! Featuring beautiful shiplap with a mantel and shelves on one side, this design gives your home a unique yet contemporary look that is well-assembled and aesthetically pleasing.


5) Streamlined Fireplace

Cozy minimalism at its finest! If you’re wanting a simple yet appealing look for your next fireplace, then our Streamlined Fireplace option may be the perfect fit! With built-in options to add in tile surround and a shelf with or without a fireplace, this style is serene and easily customizable. Will you choose Streamlined for your new fireplace?


6) Magnolia Fireplace

Instantly brighten up any space with our Magnolia Fireplace option! With crisp white shiplap detail and tile surround, this design enhances existing natural elements, giving your home an alluring, contemporary flair.


7) Classique Fireplace

Warmth and happiness are right around the corner with our Classique Fireplace option! Not only is this design warm and timeless, but it also provides ample display and storage space with an option to add hearth stone for a beautiful, finished look. If you love classic warm tones and styles, then Classique may be your perfect fireplace pick!


Note: Fireplace options listed may not be applicable to certain Miller Family Home Floor Plans. For questions/inquiries, please email Marketing@millerfamilyhomes.com or call (316) 269-3322.